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Adoptable Cats


Below are the cats that are currently* available for adoption. The shelter cat room contains a host of wonderful cats and kittens of every color, age and size. We hope you will consider adding one of them to your home. You'll receive a lifetime of love for it!


Please come visit the shelter cat room – the kitties will always welcome your attention, if only for a brief moment….or for a lifetime.

* This page is not always as up to date as we would like it to be so please call the shelter for additional information.


If you are interested in adopting, please call 970-544-0206, or visit us at 101 Animal Shelter Road, located just west of the airport stoplight near the turnoff for the RFTA bus barn.

Please come visit!


Bobby is a friendly, affectionate, 4-year-old cat who gets along well with everyone. He eats a specific diet in order to prevent painful urinary crystals from forming in his body, so Bobby will require a responsible family in order to maintain his health. Very playful!
(Posted 2.23.17)

Do You Know This Cat?

Do you know this domestic-short-haired orange-colored neutered male tabby? Found wandering in Aspen around West Hyman Avenue on January 24th.
(Posted 1.31.17)


Friendly, black domestic-short-haired male. Found early January on the Rio Grande trail near Basalt High School.
(Posted 1.31.17)


Raspberry is a beautiful, 6-month-old, black and white-colored, medium-haired cat who gets along well with everyone.
(Posted 1.31.17)


Nice, black domestic-short-haired female. Very affectionate with people and OK with other cats. Not good with dogs.
(Posted 1.16.17)


Laylee is a beautiful, 8-year-old Calico who gets along well with everyone, including children. Unfortunately, Laylee peed in her previous home, so she will require a stable, knowledgeable environment.
(Posted 11.13.16)

Chloe and Cosmo

Cosmo and Chloe (in this photo) are beautiful 18.5-year-old Tabby cats who were released to the shelter as a lifelong pair and we would like to keep them together. Sweet kitties! Chloe is the more outgoing of the two. Cosmo loves to hang out in his bed but ventures out often for treats. These cats are low-maintenance and loving.
(Reposted 11.13.16)


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